The Dunwoody Fitness Station


The Dunwoody Fitness Station

CrossFit Dunwoody – CrossFit

CFD Fitness Circuit (AMRAP – Rounds)

Fitness Circuit (20 Minutes)

Teams of 4-5

5 Minutes at each Station

Station 1- 50m Dbl KB Farmers Carrys

Station 2- Tire Flips/Heavy Dball Over Shoulder

Station 3- Calorie Row/Bike

Station 4- DB Bench Press and Lawnmower Rows

*Station 1&2 go as heavy as possible, Station 3 should be continous pace the whole time, Station 4 perform 10 reps on both movements and rest don’t exceed 50 reps in each.
The score for this workout is 4 if you complete all 4 stations. In your notes write in details of KB weight, calories, etc.