Tabata Time with Coach Kelly


Tabata Time with Coach Kelly

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Tabata Time with Coach Kelly (AMRAP – Reps)

5 Tabatas, 1 minute Rest between Tabatas

Tabata 1: Sit-ups

Tabata 2: Air Squats

Tabata 3: Push-ups (Rx) (or Banded Push-ups)

Tabata 4: Box Jumps (24/20 is Rx)

Tabata 5: Slamballs (20/15 is Rx)
Set timer up for 5 Tabatas (Work Duration :20sec, Rest Duration :10sec, Rounds Per Tabata: 8, Number of Tabatas: 5, Rest b/t Tabatas: 1 minute.

Spacing: Start people at different Tabata stations. Athletes perform the entire Tabata of one exercise, rest for a minute, then start next Tabata.

Scoring: Add up all reps.