Shootin’ Camels


Shootin’ Camels

CrossFit Dunwoody – CrossFit

Strength Training

Pistol Tech/Strength Work

4 sets of 8 reps per side

Rest 1-2 minutes b/t sets

*Pistol scale options

-Pistol holding post or rings

-Pistol to Box

-Bottoms up Pistol

*Try to find the most challenging option you can perform well. Also, use this time to determine what mode of Pistol you’ll be performing in the metcon.

Pistol Pete (Time)

On the 5:00x 4 Rounds(L3)

8 Pistols

16 Alternating Hand DB Snatch(50/35)

20/15 Calorie Row/Bike

On the 5:00x 4 Rounds(L2)

8 Pistols w/ Band or Box

16 Alternating Hand DB Snatch(35/20)

20/15 Calorie Row/Bike

On the 5:00x 4 Rounds(L1)

8 Bottoms Up Pistol

16 Alternating Hand DB Snatch(25/15)

16/12 Calorie Row/Bike

*Score will be your time it takes to finish the work each interval added up together. Example: 2:33, 2:42, 2:55, 2:45. Score-10:45
If large class have some athletes start on the rower or bike during the 5 minute interval.