Reindeer Training


Reindeer Training

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Reindeer Training (Distance)

Row/Bike for Max Distance in Teams of 3

*Before you can get on the rower/bike, including the first row/bike, you must perform 10 Devils Plate Press. Every time you get off the rower/bike, you must do 10 Devils Plate Press before you get back on.

**The team will also have a KB. This KB’s will not touch the ground (or a box, no cheating!) for the entire 21 minutes. If it is does, 5 Syncro Burpees for the team.

(L3) Rx+

Devils Plate Press: 45/25

KB: 70/44

(L2) Rx

Devils Plate Press: 25/15

KB: 53/35


Devils Plate Press: 15/10

KB: 44/16

Rx+: All members of the team must perform the standards. You cannot use a plate to prop up the the other plate while it’s on the ground during Devils Press.