November Member Spotlight ~ Meenal Champaneri


November Member Spotlight ~ Meenal Champaneri

Meenal has been a member at CrossFit Dunwoody since November of 2019 and we have loved every minute of it! Meenal is always a blast to have in class and you know she is going to BRING IT in every workout (you don’t just get the nickname ‘Meenal the Machinal’ by accident). We are lucky to have someone like Meenal as a member at CFD and look forward to watching her continue to kick butt!

Here is a little bit more about Meenal and why she does CrossFit:

1. Why did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit because going to the gym on my own was just not cutting it. I needed motivation and direction and CF gave me that.

2. What is your favorite thing about CFD?

The community for sure! No matter what class I attend, everyone is so encouraging and supportive. The coaches have also made such a difference in the way I work out. They push me to increase in weight and try movements I’ve told myself I won’t be able to do and end up surprising myself.

3. What do you do for a living?

I am a Pulmonary Diagnostics supervisor at an outpatient clinic through Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

4. What are some goals you have for yourself related to your health and fitness?

Obvious goal but a big one for me is decreasing body fat. I think I am consistent in coming to the gym and getting a workout in but I would like to commit to a nutrition plan for a healthier lifestyle.

5. What is your favorite cheat meal?

You want me to pick just one?! 😉 I’d have to go with what I am always in the mood for which is PIZZA!

6. What is your favorite CrossFit movement and why?

Deadlifts and wall-balls (I know, crazy talk!) Deadlifts make me feel like a beast and wall-balls because it works my whole body and gets my heart pumping.

7. What would you tell somebody just starting out or thinking about starting CrossFit?

If you’re thinking about joining CF but feel like you can’t do the “intense” workouts or you’re not “athletic” enough for it, don’t hesitate and give it a go. I thought the same about CrossFit until I went to my first class. All the workouts are scalable to your ability, you’ll never get bored of it because each workout is different from the last and its an awesome community of people with similar goals as you which makes it very supportive and boosts your confidence.