Let’s Get Weird


Let’s Get Weird

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Let’s Get Weird (Time)

For Time

1000m Row or 1.5 mile Bike

30 SA KB/DB Curtis P’s (15e side)

60 Wall Balls

90 Russian Twists w/ WB


KB – 53/35 or DB – 50/35

Wall Ball – 20/14


KB – 44/26 or DB – 25 for women

WB – 20/14


650m Row or 1 mile bike

KB/DB – choose weight

WB – 14/10;

SA KB/DB Curtis P: Right Arm Clean, Right Leg Forward Lunge, Right Arm Push Press. This is 1 Rep. You can switch sides after each rep or do as many as you want on each side before switching, but you must do 15 per side. You only lunge with the same leg as the hand that is holding the weight.
Big Classes: Perform a waterfall start.