Its a Magic Monday


Its a Magic Monday

CrossFit Dunwoody – CrossFit

Midline Strongman (Time)

4 Rounds Not For Time

200m SA Farmers Carry

100m SA Front Rack Carry

100m SA Waiters Walk

50m 90/90 SA KB Carry

*Switch arms at halfway point

*Be aware of the clock as I want you to keep moving steady and challenging yourself but, the focus shouldn’t be how fast you can go. *Pick weight you can manage with great technique, you can use multiple weights if needed.
Put the time you finish and the weight you used in the notes.

Core Work


3 Rounds

50 Russian Twists(Use slammball if able)

25 Hip Raises

15 V-ups or Tuck Crunches

60sec Plank on Elbows