I Love to Accessorize


I Love to Accessorize

CrossFit Dunwoody – CrossFit

Ring Dips (Strict Only)

This is a strength session. 10 minutes on the clock. Perform sets that are 2-3 reps short of max effort and then go max on your last set. Rest 2-3 minutes in between sets.

If you’re not doing strict ring dips, do strict box dips. If you’re not doing strict dox dips, use your feet assist on box or do box push-ups 🙂

I Love to Accessorize (Weight)

15 Minute AMRAP for Quality (L3/L2)

1 Minute SA KB/DB Hold Left Hand

1 Minute SA KB/DB Hold Right Hand

1 Minute Plank in Push-up

:30 Sec Bar Hang (Pronated Grip Left Hand, Supinated Grip Right Hand)

:30 Sec Bar Hang (Pronated Grip Right Hand, Supinated Grip Left Hand)

20e SL Glute Bridge


Instead of Bar Hang, Perform a 1 minute Ring Row Hold
Scoring: Enter weight used for KB/DB Hold. Enter other notes for reference the next time we do this.

Choose a challenging weight on KB/DB Hold that allows you maintain perfect body posture.

You can break up holds/planks/hang if need be.