Gone but Never Forgotten


Gone but Never Forgotten

CrossFit Dunwoody – CrossFit


9/11 Tribute (Time)

For Time

2001m Row

11 Burpees

11 Turkish Get ups(53/35)

11 Goblet Squats

11 Toes 2 Bar

11 Wall Walks

11 American KB Swings

11 V-ups

11 Plate Devils Press(45/25)

11 Burpees

2001m Run

*For large classes you can run heats or have athletes start with the run and finish with the row. For the run you have the option to run the mile rout around the village+1 400m run or you can run the 400m run rout 5 times.

*Scaling-lighten weight as needed, use DB as needed for TGU, Box Wall Walks or Hand Release Pushups instead of Wall Walks
Goal Time: 25-30 minutes