CrossFit Dunwoody Corporate Wellness Program

A Program For Healthier Employees. Improve productivity, happiness and performance!

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Why Do Corporate Wellness?

Happier, healthier employees perform better. We can help improve your employees' morale and lifestyle.
Corporate wellness programs are so essential to help people live a healthy lifestyle and maintain good mental health. Outside improving the health of the employee, there are a couple of other benefits for businesses: save money from healthcare costs, improve employee retention and morale, and enhance work-life balance! CFD is partnering with Dunwody businesses to offer several wellness programs:
  • Sponsored Group Memberships
  • Team-building Events
  • In-Office Wellness Consultations

A fun and effective way for you to boost employee morale, right here in Dunwoody!

Sponsored Memberships May Include:
  • Access to CrossFit Dunwoody's Group Classes at our brand new facility
  • Enrollment in our KickStart Programs for newcomers
  • World-class coaching and personal training opportunities
  • Open Gym time to use our new equipment

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