At CrossFit Dunwoody, we are building something new and exciting in the Dunwoody Community. We have a design for fitness that is changing the lives of our members and is bringing new life to the fitness community in Dunwoody. We are a collection of Moms, Dads, Teens, Newlyweds, Grandparents, and everything in between. The success and growth of our fitness community is built around the diversity of our people – age, gender, fitness level, fitness goals, and the list goes on. We believe that anyone who wants to be a part of our community should be and we make sure that each and every individual who wants it, is given the opportunity to take better care of themselves through our training program.


We lift things: barbells, kettlebells, balls, dumb bells and anything else we can get our hands on. We move our bodyweight: push-ups, pull-ups, ring rows, box jumps, and yes, sometimes we do burpees. We do cardio: we run, we row, we bike, and we jump rope. Doing these movements does not make us unique, but the way we program workouts and combine these movements does. We constantly vary the stimulus you receive by carefully choosing each day which movements you will do and for how long. And most importantly, we modify and tailor each workout to your individual needs – a Coach will always lead you through each class. Some days we may do a lot of cardio, some days a lot of lifting, but more often than not we will combine movements from each category. We rarely repeat workouts to make sure that you never get bored and you body never gets bored. This formula has proven successful in helping our members lose weight, increase their overall fitness, and changed their lives for the better.