3 RM Strict Press


3 RM Strict Press

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Shoulder Press (3 Rep Max)

Protocol: Your Coach will get you sufficiently warmed up. Then you will have 15 minutes with the Barbell to find your 3 Rep Max. Your 3 rep max should be around 90-95% of you 1 rep max. If you’ve gotten stronger, it will be higher. Everybody is different, so you will have to go by feel as you get to higher weights.

Warm-up template:

5-10 reps empty barbell

5 reps at 50%

4 reps at 60%

3 reps at 70%

2 reps at 80%

Ideally, you find your 3 rep max in 1 attempt. But if you fail, or it is too easy, then lower or raise the weight accordingly

Accessory Work

2-3 Rounds for Quality

15 Banded Pullaparts

10e Internal/External Rotation on Rig